Feast of Tabernacles in Sri Lanka

2022 Festival Information - Passikudah, Sri Lanka

Venue: The Amaya Beach Resort in Passikudah

Cherishing the memories of two past Feasts at The Amaya Beach Resort in Passikudah, (2017 & 2018) the Sri Lankan brethren extend a warm invitation to the brethren worldwide to attend the Feast of Tabernacles 2022 with them once again at Amaya Beach Resort!

The beautiful resort is nestled on a vast expanse of golden sandy shore with an unspoiled beach and palm trees on the beautiful Passikudah Bay, a long stretch of coastline renowned for its calm and shallow waters -- ideal for swimming and water sports. It’s situated 325 kilometers from Colombo on the Eastern coastline of the Indian Ocean. The drive will be approximately 5 ½ to 6 hours from Colombo. Local brethren will assist you in coordinating transportation options from the airport or from the city of Colombo to the Feast site.

All brethren will be staying at the Amaya Beach. The hotel will also be the site for services each day in the Vandeloos Bay Ballroom. Services will be in English. 

Family day is a traditional favorite in which you’ll experience a special afternoon full of surprises and fun, followed by another afternoon of cricket, which the whole family can enjoy. The variety show is sure to be a highlight as there is much talent among the Sri Lankan brethren.

Brethren have the unique and enjoyable opportunity to dine together at the Reef Café which provides 3 buffet meals (A la carte) each day, featuring local Sri Lankan dishes as well as excellent international cuisine.  (All meals are included in the room rates).

The hotel has a spa, fitness center, table tennis room, a large swimming pool and a children’s play room. Push cycles can be hired at the hotel for those seeking a ride outside the hotel premise. Rooms are air conditioned and mostly with a beach view. Wi-Fi is free on request.

A visit to Sri Lanka will be a life-changing experience. If you wish to travel internationally and you earnestly desire to enjoy the company and serve your brothers and sisters who live overseas, the Feast in Sri Lanka would be an exceptional opportunity for you. A visit to this tropical island where food is delicious and the brethren are gracious, friendly and enthusiastically desirous to see the coming of God’s Kingdom, is a Feast you’ll not soon forget!

We sincerely seek and appreciate your earnest prayers for God’s blessing on the Feast in Sri Lanka and on all the Feasts around the world where God has chosen to place His name.  ~ David Schreiber

Lodging and Location of Services: Amaya Beach, Vandeloos Bay Ballroom in Passikudah

First Service: Sunday evening, October 9th at 7:00 p.m.

Feast Registration: To register, go to the Festival Registration page. A $45 registration fee (per family) is required and will be applied to the Feast's conference hall expenses.

Hotel Reservations (@ Amaya Beach): Once you have registered, you will be emailed feast information and updates. You will then be requested to send your international flight details, and upon receipt of that information your room reservation for the dates of your stay will be confirmed. 

For a view of this lovely Feast site and its facilities go to: https://www.amayaresorts.com/amayabeach
The room rates are as follows:
Single - $100 USD
Double - $120 USD
Triple - $150 USD

Three buffet meals each day are included in room rates

If you choose to make your own reservations, you will pay higher standard hotel rates.

For questions, email David Schreiber at or call (507) 377-8151.

Health Protocol for Arrivals to Sri Lanka: The country of Sri Lanka welcomes visitors to their paradise island.  As they open their doors to the world once again – they have a site to answer questions regarding travel requirements and policies for vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers.  Use this link and scroll down to download information to assist you in making arrangements to visit the island country of Sri Lanka https://www.srilanka.travel/helloagain/ 

(Please note: The site may be updated in coming months when there is a change in travel restrictions or requirements.)



Views of Amaya Beach in Passikudah, Sri Lanka

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